Let's Do This

As I mention in The Philosophy behind Aerial, I've been a social worker in the Wichita community for over 15 years... and have spent over half of that time in the leadership and management of several non-profit agencies.  Learning to run a business with compassion and conviction has been the story of my entire adult life, and the lessons I've learned have mostly been through the mistakes I have made.  I not only want to save others from making those same mistakes, but I believe genuinely in the profound ability of empowering people.  

Empowering others and tapping into a person's personal strengths do more for leadership and productivity than any other activity there is.  And yet, so many organizations and leaders don't know where to start. Whether a business is needing help with management and supervising, or with developing a marketing campaign... I've done it all and I've done it on a shoestring budget.  I can help you tap the natural abilities of your organization and your leadership, in order to get the results you want.

I also specialize in one-on-one coaching with executives and women in business.  One of the largest hurdles that most any business owner or leader will tell you is that the one thing that will hold you back the most... no matter what... is fear.  Not being able to manage fear and anxiety is one of the most profound dividing lines between those who succeed, and those who don't.  I can provide coaching to help with managing that fear, working on goals and vision casting, and dealing with whatever may be holding you back to be your best self.

Interested?  I'd be happy to sit down for a free, one-hour consultation to discuss my credentials, as well as your needs. From there we can decide if I would be a good fit for empowering you or your organization, and taking your own goals and objectives to the next level.  

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