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Investment Opportunity


Aerial is a high-end designer resale clothing store located in the heart of Wichita's Douglas Design District.  We specialize in women's clothing and empowerment, with a primary purpose of helping women find joy in playing 'dress-up' again.  On top the resale shop, we also offer professional styling services and consultation.  


After six months in business, I am just know feeling like I have my feet underneath me.  Four of our six months in business, I had very intrusive and noisy road construction in front of my door that cut off street traffic and limited accessibility to the shop.  Now as business is picking up, I am looking to expand and provide more services in order to turn the corner on what was a painful period of construction.  This expansion includes purchasing permanent and quality signage to hang from the awning above our shop (visible to both street and walking traffic), as well as moving a designer and alterationist into our backroom space.  (A very common issue for women and clothing is that sometimes it needs to be altered in order to really fit a woman's body better, and I feel like the convenience of having an alterationist on site will not only help sales, but also help another entrepreneur launch his own business in providing custom design... of which I would also get a percentage).  I'd also like to be able to hire more help for the shop on a more consistent basis.  The revenue stream of providing personal styling services has been neglected so far, because I am putting all of my time and energy into running the shop by myself.


I am not looking for a hand-out.  But after taking out the minimal amount of loan money possible to get the business up and running, I have eaten through the cushion of funding I flagged for the first year.  Being 6 months into business, we can't promise that we will begin turning a profit still anytime soon.  But we'd like to negotiate with anyone that would be willing to front anywhere from $5,000-$10,000 for expansion purposes.