Guest Post: Tierney's Style Fusion

Y’all who know me personally know that I am all about a bargain on high end designer merch!  I want to look like a spent a million bucks without actually spending the millions bucks! This is why I absolutely love resale boutiques!  Yes, I know I am using a lot of exclamation points, but you need to know how excited getting a bargain makes me! It is really a rush to know that you were able to save so much money whether that piece be thrifted or just drastically on sale. I am a bit of a hoarder when it comes to fashion, but I see fashion as an art form and my closets as my studios to create looks! 

So I am an equal opportunity offender when it comes to fashion and believe it or not some days I actually want to be on the simpler side, but still have some fun with pops of color!  Other days I will be wearing every style genre in the book and rocking it proudly! I love what Renee has done to create this space that marries everything fun and affordable in fashion all under one roof to allow the equal opportunities offenders in fashion a sort of a home to shop carefree without breaking the bank.


I wanted to show you all a fun outfit that is the perfect transition from Fall to Spring and back again. I am all about buying pieces that can carry me throughout all seasons and not just one or the other.   I chose this BCBG high-waist skirt and this faux leather jacket by JACK to carry me into Spring.  I paired with it a Gap Body bodysuit and a simple black heel from Old Navy. On the warmer days lose the jacket and make it a cute night out on the town outfit or on the cooler days keep the jacket and add booties.  Oh and you can’t forget to add a pop of color with some fiery orange tassel earrings by yours truly The Pink Lily!


This outfit is great for a night out with the girls, brunch, or basically going to the grocery store….do you boo!   I love anything of the shoulders and flowy so you can still look hot, but stuff your belly with brunch and no one is the wiser.  I chose this white flowy off the shoulder top by Ann Taylor and paired this neutral toned Coach doctor bag. You can pair this with pretty much any kind of skinny pant or jean…I chose to wear a straight girl girlfriend fit pair of Levis and brought this whole outfit together with this red strappy heel (on sale) from JC Penneys and these turquoise earrings designed by my company, The Pink Lily.  

Renee Duxler