Guest Post: Jordan's Style Fix

I am not a shopper.

Rifling through clothing racks and spending hours in dressing rooms appeal to some people, but not me.

The past couple years I have been curating a capsule wardrobe, so my focus is on quality and versatility. A capsule wardrobe is based on the values of minimalism, where having less stuff requires less energy to create an outfit. Therefore, you have more energy for other areas of your life. Quality pieces are essential for this, because I want my clothes to last longer, so I can shop less.

Renee has curated a thrift store that holds quality, timeless pieces that can be built seamlessly into a capsule wardrobe. (Another value of mine is sustainability, which thrifted clothes definitely fall under!)


My capsule wardrobe consists of dark, neutral colors with few prints. I feel most bad ass when I am comfortable. So, my first outfit includes a lusciously comfortable Levi’s denim jacket. Again, capsule wardrobe, so this jacket can go with ANYTHING. For example, this Liz Claiborne ruffled top has just enough flair to dress up the outfit, but still keeps it comfortable enough in my dark jeans. (I don’t do heels, but you could totally rock some heels in this outfit.)


Keeping with my dark colors theme, this Talbots lace-y top paired perfectly with some black jeans and black booties. Some faux leather lining along the collar adds some more sass and bad ass-ery.

Both of these outfits can be dressed up or down, depending on the weather, event, whatever. I feel amazing in both of them! If you are wanting to try a capsule wardrobe, go for quality, versatile pieces. Thankfully, you can find them at Aerial.

Renee Duxler