About aerial.

The concept of aerial. is more than just a clothing store.  It's an attitude, a philosophy, a lifestyle.  It's about confidence, as well as compassion.  It's about potential and capability. It's about being our best selves, inside and out.

Sound a little hippie dippy to you?  Maybe.  But stay with me.  I've been a social worker in this community for over 15 years now, and so my entire life's work so far has been about empowering people.  And while the old adage, 'beauty is only skin deep' is incredibly true, I don't think we can deny just how much personal style plays a role in self-expression, and self-esteem.  

Our goal at aerial. is to help you create a personal style that is comfortable and genuine to you.  Because confidence helps people do things.  BIG THINGS.  And we want to help cultivate people in this community who are doing big things.  

A few synonyms for aerial. include 'high' and 'lofty.'  Our vision is that our customers go aerial, and take flight -- personally, professionally, spiritually.  That they feel empowered by looking good, feeling good, and doing good.

Our promise is that it won't cost a fortune, and will cut waste from your life... of time, money, and material possessions.  You deserve to feel great and have nice things.  Let us help you find your best self without breaking your budget... or your resolve.





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ABout me

My name is Renee and I learned at a very young age what my superpower was: to empower other people.  I'm a social worker, a feminist, a mom, and sometimes (most of the time)... a little bit of a hot mess.  I love inspirational quotes, glossy magazines, and shiplap... but also enjoy punk music and David Lynch movies.  My approach to everything I do is a balance between Pollyanna and Courtney Love.  Being a social worker hasn't completely altered by positive outlook on life, but it has made me learn to embrace the icky, ugly, uncomfortable mess that life is sometimes.  When I'm not running the resale shop, styling clients, or providing coaching and consultation to individuals and businesses throughout Wichita, I can be found watching HGTV, playing taxi for my three children, or sleeping.